Research in SISL

The interplay of algorithmic, economic, and social systems is now fundamental to a variety of new services and marketplaces, such as online and advertising auctions, social networks, electricity markets, cloud computing, and even privacy. The Social and Information Sciences Laboratory - SISL, pronounced "sizzle" - studies how markets and other social systems function in a world in which economics can no longer be separated from the information and communication systems around us.

To address this interplay, SISL brings together researchers from economics, computer science, engineering, and mathematics in a truly interdisciplinary environment (given the 10+ years that SISL has been active, it is sometimes hard to tell the computer scientists from the economists and vice versa). These SISL researchers strive to improve the basic sciences of complex markets and social/communication networks while helping to develop our understanding of the emerging interaction between the two.

Some of the specific topics being investigated by SISL researchers include: